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Reading Speed - critical to career success
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CAUTION: This program can make you sharper. It can improve your reading, comprehension, vocabulary, stamina, confidence, effectiveness, productivity, grades, job performance ... How does using RocketReader Online help me? Learning to read faster has super benefits. It can help you:
  • Get better grades in high school and college
  • Score higher on tests like the SAT, LSAT and GRE
  • Perform better at job interviews and presentations
  • Be more effective and productive at work
  • Succeed in your chosen career or profession
After you have used RocketReader Online a few times, you may experience a strange sensation. The RocketReader techniques will begin to automatically take over while you are reading. You will feel yourself reading faster.
"I was very much surprised the other day when I began reading reports at work and my eyes began reading at the speed from RR. It surprised me because I made no conscious effort to do so...." K Craig, MD USA
"I can literally feel myself reading books faster after having done RocketReader a few times." A Sayyed, New York USA

People using RocketReader Online over a six month period increased reading speed by 67% and comprehension by 21% in the first two months. You can too.


  • Training to get you reading faster, more accurately and for longer. (It uses the tried and tested methods used in the RocketReader software).
  • Over 500 graded reading texts for ages 7 to adult on a range of topics - all with comprehension tests.
  • Module to help you ace the SAT.
  • Training which adjusts as your skills increase.
  • Practice how to read faster on your own material in the Groups, Speed and Read training exercises.
  • Printable reports and graphs, so you can see your improvement at a glance.
  • Oodles of content - a 5000 book electronic library.
  • Training in vocabulary.
  • Learn the stuff you need to know - Easily create your own tests in multiple choice or true/false format with the built-in lesson editor.

Mac, Linux or PC computers: web browser, internet connection (Broadband or dial up)

You will improve

Typical users increase reading speed by 67% and comprehension by 21% in 32 sessions. What will you do when you read that much faster?

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