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Speed Reading Seminar One Day Course Outline


  1. Speed reading introduction
  2. Reading capability test
  3. Time management test
  4. Forum - what are the issues?
  5. Information overload in the corporate world
  6. Slow readers and fast readers the economic difference
  7. Mediums: faxes, email, financials, memos, letters, orders, proposals, web pages, newsgroups, professional reading
  8. How to get long term gains from this seminar
  9. Good time managers - an overview
  10. Facts about comprehension
  11. Fast readers - a profile
  12. RocketReader training - flash training

  1. Time management - poor habits
  2. Time management - prime time
  3. Time management - time bandits
  4. Bad reading habits revealed
  5. The biggest secret of a fast reader
  6. The importance of vocabulary
  7. How to beef up your vocabulary
  8. Time management - procrastination
  9. Elite corporate readers - how they do it
  10. Report reading - how to read big reports in less time
  11. Skim reading
  12. Time management - batching similar tasks
  13. Time management - the most important thing
  14. Time management - the importance of sleep
  15. RocketReader training - word grouping training

  1. The perils of email
  2. Avoiding inefficient email use
  3. Email management secrets revealed
  4. Email - how to locate old email fast
  5. Email - eliminating spam
  6. Secrets of effective Web reading
  7. How to research anything on the Web - advanced techniques
  8. Smart web reading
  9. How to do a credibility audit of a web site
  10. Beyond Web search engines - custom searching
  11. Time management - how to say no
  12. Career success factors
  13. RocketReader training - speed training

  1. The importance of memory
  2. What is memory?
  3. Different memory types explained
  4. Poor memory and how to improve it
  5. Memory - harnessing Attitude
  6. Memory - harnessing Attention
  7. Reinforcement and how you can exploit it
  8. Memory techniques
  9. Extreme pressure situations
  10. Time management - distractions
  11. RocketReader training - combination training
  12. Reading capability test
  13. Review of progress
  14. How to get long-term reading proficiency gains from the provided RocketReader software
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