Speed Reading

Speed reading is a contentious field abundant with unrealistic claims and pseudoscience[30]. On the Internet some sites sell products that claim to teach accurate reading speeds of up to 25,000 words per minute[21]. The MegaReading product developed by Howard S. Berg featured, along with unfeasibly high reading speed claims, in many international feature-length commercials. In 1998, Howard S. Berg was served with a consent order by the United States Federal Trade Commission compelling him to refrain from claiming highcomprehension reading speeds above 800 words per minute.[18]

RocketReader, since its inception in 1996, has always taken the view that an excellent reading speed is in the range of 500 to 800 words per minute and speeds above 800 words per minute quickly degenerate into low comprehension reading or skimming. This view is supported by research into reading speeds. RocketReader advocates (but does not guarantee or make definite claim) that many people who train sufficiently with RocketReader, can increase their reading speed from an average speed of 230 words per minute up to 500 words per minute, with good reading accuracy and comprehension. This is supported anecdotally by testimonial reports from RocketReader users, for example

I am still surprised at the quick results. Two months just does not seem a long enough to speed up my reading by three times especially considering the material I read is college level. After the first month of use, one hour every day, my reading speed went from 232 wpm to 480 wpm. I hope the result is not atypical; everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy reading more in less time. I recently took up college classes again this fall, and the study time required per class has dropped by almost half. The time I am saving is worth ten times the amount I paid for the program. I now have more time for clubs, volunteering, and the like. (J Riendaeu, Madison WI USA)

More testimonials can be found at here. We have shown that at its core, RocketReader implements many of the recommendations of the National Reading Panel on methods to improve reading proficiency. Its vast database of readings, innovative methods of teaching reading proficiency and focus on high comprehension and vocabulary development are based on established and conclusive research on reading.