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The Scientific Foundations for RocketReader
Dr Simon Ronald, CEO RocketReader

Table of contents


  1. Introduction
    1. The National Reading Panel
    2. The Difference Reading Makes
  2. Rocketreader the company
  3. The Instructional Scope of RocketReader
  4. An Overview of the RocketReader Instructional Techniques
  5. The Process of Reading
  6. Critical Reading Skills
    1. Reading Fluency
    2. Vocabulary
    3. High Comprehension Reading
  7. Breaking Poor Reading Habits
    1. The Overworked Eye
    2. Skip Back
    3. Vocalization
  8. Speed Reading
  9. Inspiration and Imagination
  10. Reading Disorders
    1. Choice of special preset exercise templates
    2. Custom colored texts and backgrounds
    3. Wide selection of fonts.
    4. Displaying a limited number of words at a time
    5. Training to better detect word boundries
    6. Readability analysis
    7. Comprehension testing.
    8. Structured Exercises.
  11. Conclusion and Future Research
  12. About the Author
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