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Dear Reader,

Dr. Simon Ronald, RocketReader CEO and Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Welcome to RocketReader.

In the 1990s whilst studying for my PhD, I came across a device called the tachistoscope. A tachistoscope flashes images onto a screen for brief, exactly timed intervals and develops rapid reading abilities. I then thought "Wouldn't this be far more effective on a computer?" and looked around for such a program. Finding nothing, I decided to create a software program to improve reading speed, comprehension and reading stamina - RocketReader.

RocketReader uses effective methods to advance you into the learning zone. This makes you successful in the difficult task of breaking poor reading habits and mastering fast and accurate reading. A comprehensive white paper describing the scientific foundations of RocketReader can be viewed here (255K PDF). For a quick introduction to RocketReader, do the 6 minute RocketReader interactive exercise.

How to excel in this age of information

Today, we must read extensively to keep up with the latest advances. Those who can read quickly and accurately learn more and quickly excel in their studies and career. This means greater job satisfaction and earning power.

The better you can read the more free time you will have to spend with your family and friends and on ideas and activities that really interest you. RocketReader transforms your reading speed and comprehension with an effective combination of exercises, flash training, speed training, practice readings and timed speed tests.

So you can train with appropriate material, RocketReader has over 500 graded reading texts and comprehension tests and even allows you to train with your own Word and PDF documents.

Don't get left behind - use our no obligation 10 day FREE trial to see how you can improve your reading speed, comprehension and stamina.

10 day trial

Remember, all RocketReader products have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

Your progress

With only 15 minutes of training a day you will see remarkable progress within two weeks. After one month of using RocketReader for just 15 minutes a day, you should double your reading speed and remember and recall much more.

If you would like further information about RocketReader, simply email

Best Regards,

Dr Simon Ronald

P.S. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your reading skills and lifestyle - use RocketReader FREE for 10 days now.

P.P.S. Here are a couple of quotes from satisfied clients regarding the effectiveness of RocketReader. For more click here.

My reading speed has increased from about 400 wpm (better than average) to 1440 (yesterday) with 90% comprehension. I have both of my children using it too. I have recommended it to my company and they have purchased it also.

The methods you use, I believe are the best that current understanding of reading techniques recommend. I especially like the drills. The combination of practice with your software and reading practice works wonders. R Hubbard, Arizona USA

Your program is by far the most effective program I have ever used for increasing speed and comprehension. E Waishan, WI USA

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