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Welcome to RocketReader!

RocketReader develops and sells high-performance reading solutions internationally including in the USA, Europe and Japan. You can try and buy RocketReader products online through this web site or through our resellers in the USA, or the UK.

As a leading provider of reading proficiency online, RocketReader drives continuous reading improvement for children learning to read through to adult learners. RocketReade trains for fast, accurate and high stamina reading.

Bad reading habits

Slow readers are terrified of exams. Only 2% of students with reading difficulties will go on to graduate in college. Poor readers are afflicted by three key bad reading habits. These habits are devastating to fluency and comprehension. Bad habits start during the child years, and if they are not overcome, they creep into the adult years. In this way, a slow child reader can become a slow adult reader. RocketReader trains people to break bad reading habits and become high performance readers at fraction of the cost of reading intervention programs.

RocketReader has accumulated many thousands of customers all over the world. It has received over a dozen five star ratings from software sites around the globe, including "Editor's Choice" ratings, and review comments such as "excellent", "effective" and "research based".

It's all about the results

At RocketReader the magic is in the results. Schools and colleges in the USA buy RocketReader because of its unique focus on storytelling, comprehension, and detailed reporting and skills assessment. Parents love RocketReader as they can see the competitive advantage their child gains at school from becoming a high performance reader. Professionals use RocketReader as they know the value and wealth that comes from being a high performance reader at work.

RocketReader is high-peformance reading solution that trains for fast and accurate reading by eliminating common poor reading habits. RocketReader trains people to read faster through a series of bad-habit busting exercises. The software also measures, develops and improves reading comprehension. RocketReader makes reading easier therefore increasing reading stamina. RocketReader is available in easy to install multi-user editions for use in schools, colleges and universities.

Mission Statement

  • Providers of effective and exciting learning software.
  • Providers of research based and innovative learning techniques.
  • To listen and react to product feedback.
  • Professional and courteous client support.


Dr Simon Ronald, CEO

RocketReader has involved many years of work by authors, artists, and programmers. Many of the RocketReader stories were written especially for RocketReader by talented editors, journalists, and writers. This has been a massive project spanning a period of ten years.

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