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Recommendations from RocketReader clients

I personally buy one for every student I tutor.

       ( M Curtis, Speech Pathologist, Ada's Cool School, MI)

I purchased RocketReader for my son when he was 11 years old, in the fifth grade. He truly enjoyed the stories in your program. He read all of the children's stories at least once, many of them over and over, and he loved watching the speed start out at 100 wmp and increase over and over without him realizing it.

His achievement reading scores rose from the 70th percentile to the 87th percentile. Being over the 85th percentile in reading on the Metropolitan Achievement Test allowed my son to enter the gifted classes in the South Carolina schools. We didn't know until he had reached it that his reading scores were the only area holding him back. I think that your program is wonderful.

       (L Grubb, SC USA)

I initially didn't believe that I could improve so quickly in such a short time. I'm amazed.

       ( R Holt, SA Australia. )

I received RocketReader as a gift from my husband in October of last year. It is one of the most helpful gifts I have ever received. I am a pre-vet student, who works two part-time jobs. I have a large amount of reading to do for school and very little time in which to do it. I needed to increase my reading speed in order to keep up. RocketReader is helping me to do just that.

When I began using RocketReader, my reading speed was consistently about 100-110 words per minute. Now, I am consistently reading at 180-190 wpm. Just that small increase has made a big difference. What makes this increase all the more impressive is that I have only had the time to use RocketReader once every 2-3 weeks.

       (V Latham, VA USA)

I started using Rocket Reader when my kids were little and I had to read to them. They are now reading, and with Rocket Reader's help, are reading a lot more than they would have otherwise. I am looking forward to the updates of version 8.

       (A Dean, MA USA)

The RocketReader reading program has probably doubled my reading speed. That is still not saying much because I was a very slow reader to start with even though I have a B.A. and M.S. university degree and worked more than 35 years in public education. I think I have always been kind of a "lazy reader" not concentrating or pushing myself to read more quickly. As a result I would get bored, fall asleep or just avoid reading preferring to watch TV. or do something else.

The RocketReader forces me to focus my attention and push myself to read faster. As a result I have been reading more and I don't view reading as such a burden. I feel good that at the rip old age of 63 I have been able to continue to increase my reading skills and continue learning. Thank you very much for your program.

       (R Dermody)

My name is Audrey and I am 12 (almost 13). I love Rocket Reader!! I am doing the New American School, where it's all about reading fast to get through books faster. You guys helped me a lot and now I can read really fast. Thanks so much!

       (Audrey, VA USA)

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I am still surprised at the quick results. Two months just does not seem a long enough to speed up my reading by three times especially considering the material I read is college level. After the first month of use, one hour every day, my reading speed went from 232 wpm to 480 wpm. I hope the result is not atypical; everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy reading more in less time.

I recently took up college classes again this fall, and the study time required per class has dropped by almost half. The time I am saving is worth ten times the amount I paid for the program. I now have more time for clubs, volunteering, and the like.

       (J Riendaeu, Madison WI USA)

I have noticed a substantial difference in both my reading and information retention with the use of RocketReader. Thank you for a great product.

       (William Weiss, North Carolina, USA)

Thanks too for great service and a wonderful product.

       (K Kritzinger, South Africa)

For the past 20 years, I've been practicing to speed read, but have succeeded only with frustration. I've been reading books, and lately, taking tips from various web sites. The best results I've got so far was from RocketReader.

       (M Deane, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago)

Your program is by far the most effective program I have ever used for increasing speed and comprehension.

       (E Waishan, Wisconsin USA)

Your program is one of the most useful things that I have ever found using the internet. RocketReader has easily doubled my reading speed, and tripled my comprehension. It is by far one of the best programs that I have purchased for myself. Thanks.

       (D Bialek, California USA)

I have more than tripled my reading speed, all thanks to RocketReader! I love it.

       (M Smith, New Providence Bahamas)

I AM VERY IMPRESSED!! I used it for approx. three weeks and was amazed at the results! It really is a very impressive program and well worthy of the cost. I'm surprised the cost is so low - it is worth 10 times the cost!

I have over the years read and used so called memory improvement courses and I can honestly say they have not been worth the time or the effort! Your course WORKS - there is a similar course on sale in the UK costing over £400-00 and I was talking to a personnel officer a couple of years ago who mentioned that it was a waste of time and effort not to mention money!

I honesty believe anyone who takes their time and applies their mind will be rewarded many times over. A truly great product. Keep up the good work.

       (B Wolohan, Northants UK)

My reading speed has increased from about 400 wpm (better than average) to 1440 (yesterday) with 90% comprehension. I have both of my children using it too. I have recommended it to my company and they have purchased it also.

The methods you use, I believe are the best that current understanding of reading techniques recommend. I especially like the drills. The combination of practice with your software and reading practice works wonders.

       (R Hubbard, Arizona USA)

I was very much surprised the other day when I began reading reports at work and my eyes began reading at the speed from RR. It surprised me because I made no conscious effort to do so.

The program continues to perform as advertised but I can't help wondering why no one has done this before. Before I purchased your program I searched high and low for other computer based programs, but only found one other that wasn't as good.

       (K Craig, MD USA)

On Saturday, my drill score went higher than before to 20. When I took a speed test, comprehension felt very good and speed had jumped about 100 wpm to 530. It was amazing. It is exciting to be able to read faster.

       (R Rudin, WA Spokane USA)

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My daughter has been using RocketReader for several months. She is an eighth grader and her reading went from 150 wpm to about 500. She can only practice from time to time while in school.

       (R Montello, California USA)

... yes, I'm reading much faster!!! At least 50% Speed increase over 6 month, and I'm not putting in the time I know I should. ...your software IS the game, and I really enjoy it.

       (A Radi, Safat Kuwait)

After spending 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week for only 1 month, my reading more than doubled from 200 wpm to 450 wpm. Lastly, I find the flash lesson very valuable and the ability to read practically anything with RR a huge selling point. That's the main reason I bought it."

       (J. Goulding, Illinois)

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your program is.

       (D McNutt, California USA)

I can literally feel myself reading books faster after having done RocketReader a few times.

       (A Sayyed, New York USA)

My whole family loves RocketReader. My son, 13 years old, really liked it, and was the main reason I purchased your program. I do remember my son much more interested in reading when he was using your program. That's why I'm anxious to get him back on line. I remembered he enjoyed seeing his test scores increase with each chapter, so it was an excellent way for him to see his progress. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

       (S Ball, California USA)

The upgrade worked great. RocketReader works great for me. I'm an adult and I like to keep my mind sharp. I really enjoy using RocketReader

       (Cheri, MA USA )

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an interactive speed reading method. After I used it for several months I took some college classes and I did feel that I was able to read a lot faster then when I was an undergraduate. I also have found that my eye tracking has gotten better and stayed better. Looking forward to getting my 5 year old daughter started as soon as she is able. I think your software is great!

       (B Gracely, Colorado Springs USA)

Thank you for your excellent product.

       (L Schaible, MN)

The RocketReader program is a wonderful and unique product that I find very fascinating.

       (L Whatley, Florida USA)

Hi, and thanks for a great program. I have been using RocketReader 2.0 since December last year (two months) and I am very pleased with the results.

       (A Betner, Sweden)

... this is great software and I like using it a lot. I will benefit from its features since I have relocated to the US where fast reading is essential.

       (A Cser, Budapest Hungary)

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