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RocketReader Privacy Statement

By accessing this web-site ( you may be sharing information about yourself with RocketReader, and the information may also be subject to scrutiny by other means not necessarily in RocketReaders' control. Please read the following privacy policy carefully. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions in this policy then please exit from this site immediately.

You may direct questions and comments about this privacy policy by contacting us through this web site or in writing to the CEO, 4310 W. 190th St., Suite # 79470, Torrance, CA 90504, USA

This privacy policy only applies to the content of the site that is controlled by RocketReader, not to any third party sites to which this site may link to.

Information provided through the web site

Speed Reading SoftwareWhen you contact RocketReader, RocketReader
receives and stores this information, including your email address and any other information you provide. This information is used to provide service to you and will never be disclosed to a third party unless the third party is subcontracted specifically by RocketReader to provide the required support or service to you.

Information provided when you contact us

When you search on the RocketReader site, your search terms are collected for research purposes. These search terms are not associated with any personal information such as your IP number of email and are used only in aggregate form.

Information provided when you order

When you place an order with RocketReader, you order through the World Pay secure servers ( World Pay will store your personal information, including your supplied name, email, address and credit card number, for the purposes of charging your credit card on behalf of RocketReader. For further information about World Pay and your privacy please see the privacy statement on

Information provided when you try or subscribe to RocketReader Online

When you try or subscribe to RocketReader Online, RocketReader receives the information provided by you and stores this information including your email address. This information is used to provide service to you and is not disclosed to any third party unless the third party is specifically contracted by us to provide service or support to you.

When you subscribe, you are referred to PayPal to make secure payment. Your credit card information is managed by PayPal. The PayPal privacy statement is available here.

RocketReader email Newsletters

RocketReader has an "opt in" newsletter that is sent out to subscribers approximately monthly. When you submit a newsletter subscription form, then you will receive a "confirm" email. To be registered you must click on the link contained in the confirm email. This process ensures that other people cannot sign you up on your behalf.

When you purchase a RocketReader product you are automatically subscribed for the RocketReader newsletter. You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained at the bottom of any newsletter mailed out, or by logging into the RocketReader portal and changing your account preferences at this URL.

When you place an order with RocketReader you email address is stored on file with your name and address. We may provide occasional "after sales" followup to see how you are getting on with the use of the RocketReader product. We never provide your email to a third party.

Information about web visitors

Web Logs

The RocketReader web server records basic information about the visitors of the site including the IP number of the agent requesting each page, and the time that each page was visited. This information is stored on the RocketReader site as a standard Apache web log file. This log file is used to examine customer traffic in the RocketReader server and to identify security issues. Unless this activity is of an unlawful nature, we do not use these log files to seek to identify individuals who visit the RocketReader web site.


RocketReader may choose to store 'cookies' on your system. Cookies are small pieces of information that may be used by RocketReader to simplify your future access, to monitor your access, to modify the information that you see on the RocketReader site to make it more relevant to your interests, or to do other things that are unique to your individual system. RocketReader will not use cookies for any purpose related to gathering information or influencing system behaviour not related either to the RocketReader site or to RocketReader software.

Privacy and the RocketReader software

Once the RocketReader software is registered with a valid registration string, it will never "disable" itself or expire.

Apart from the "web update function", the RocketReader computer software does not send any of your personal information to RocketReader.

If you click on the "web update" button in RocketReader, then your license string and your IP number will be sent to the RocketReader web servers, and the RocketReader web servers will check whether you are a current "web update subscription" client by examining the database of paid subscription members. If you are not current with a "web update subscription" then the RocketReader software will display a popup with this information. When you request a "web update" this request is stored on the RocketReader web servers, as well as your IP number and license string. This information is used by RocketReader to monitor software access activity, for example, the same license string used by many different users. RocketReader may use this stored information to enforce the terms and conditions of its license agreement and to prosecute in the case of license violations.

Non Use of unsolicited commercial email

RocketReader does not engage in unsolicited commercial email and does not permit its affiliates to engage in any form of unsolicited commercial email. We never provide your information to third parties for the purpose of sending you unsolicited commercial email.

Survey information collected

RocketReader performs marketing surveys on its site. We do not collection information from persons younger than 13 years old. Information supplied in a RocketReader survey is used in aggregate form to help improve the RocketReader products and service. We only contact you in the event that you win the survey prize.


RocketReader will not liable anyone for any damages or claims made in relation to the use of this site, the content of this SITE, or the existence of this SITE.


RocketReader does not make any warranties on the content or operation of this site.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that all web sites are subject to unintentional or deliberate unauthorised modification by third parties, and that RocketReader can not ensure that this site will not have viruses or content inserted by malicious third parties.


This agreement is governed by the laws applicable in the state of South Australia in the Commonwealth of Australia.
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