You may have heard the myths espoused by the audio tape products that claim to get your reading at over 10,000 words per minute. You may have heard the claims by the books that say "Anyone can speed read by reading this book". Another myth is that somehow magically you can turn yourself into a camera. "Hear this tape and photograph the contents of an entire page and read it from your mind's eye". Can one learn to do that? Studies have shown that very few people (if any) can "photograph" an entire page and understand it. Studies have also shown that very few people can read accurately at speeds above 800 words per minute.

Most people read at around 250-300 words a minute. There is an enormous scope to improve reading speed, style and comprehension to around 500-800 . With just a couple of months training with RocketReader, you can double your reading speed and improve your comprehension. This is the edge that you need. As you progress with RocketReader and improve your reading efficiency and comprehension, your confidence will increase. According to the feedback from our customers, with this new confidence, your appetite for reading and learning will skyrocket.