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Improving your vocabulary!

Do you want to improve your vocabulary? RocketReader has two products that will make the difference, RocketReader Vocab and RocketReader.

RocketReader Vocab RocketReader
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ages 11+ ages 7 - college level
Develop a broad and powerful vocabulary. RocketReader Vocab is specialized vocabulary trainer.
RocketReader Vocab trains you on a powerful set of words conveniently organized into 37 lessons.
reading proficiency software with a secondary focus on vocabulary development
RocketReader Vocab trains you on a SAT-level vocabulary but allows you to create new memory training lessons on any topic.

Creating new lessons is easy with a point and click interface.

You can make learning much more effective by adding images to your lessons. RocketReader Vocab links to the biggest online image collection in the world (images at Google) and allows you directly add images to your learning experience.

  • Perfect for SAT examination training.
  • ideal for business executives who must excel at oral communication.
  • essential for those who want to make an impression through the power of words.
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RocketReader develops speed, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling & typing skills.

RocketReader also has a spelling mode. When you run the RocketReader exercises in this mode, you must correctly type out the text that was flashed on the screen. This exercises three essential processes. First, you must read the text. Remember, the text is only flashed on the screen for a split second, so you are required to remember the text in your mind's eye. Secondly, you must remember the text. This becomes increasingly difficult for longer text, as you have to keep the image of the text in your mind's eye. Thirdly, you must type in the text when prompted by the exercise system. This requires you to accurately translate the text from your mind's eye into keystrokes on the computer, and forces you to visualize and reinforce (by typing out) the spelling of all of the text that was flashed on the screen. Since RocketReader contains a vast number of phrases and words, you will be challenged to spell words that are not part of your active vocabulary. Before long, you will notice an improvement in your ability to visualize words. This skill is the key to good spelling.

RocketReader draws from a rich database of words and phrases. The exercises, practice readings, and speed tests make use of an extensive collection of words and phrases. In basic mode, the vocabulary is suited to children. (Please see the basic-level section to investigate a sample of the words and phrases that make up this database). In the advanced levels, the vocabulary range is much wider. For instance, the advanced word database has 25,000 different words as compared with the 3,000 words used in the basic level. In the exercises you will come across interesting words that you will want to look up in your dictionary and remember. Being introduced to new words is the key to improving your vocabulary.

"The program continues to perform as advertised but I can't help wondering why no one has done this before. Before I purchased your program I searched high and low for other computer based programs, but only found one other that wasn't as good."
Keith Craig MD Glenn Burnie

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