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How RocketReader SAVES you money (and time)!

The average person spends about sixteen hours a week reading. Even if you value your time at only eight dollars an hour, your yearly reading time is worth more than six thousand dollars. 

By using RocketReader, you can increase your speed by 67% and comprehension by 21% (see the proof here). Translate this to an hourly sum, under a conservative estimate lets say you save $2.40 an hour in terms of increased efficiency at work. In your first year, you save almost two thousand dollars. 

That's many many times the amount you pay for the RocketReader software; a return on investment that pays! It increases in subsequent years as your skills increase, too; a few simple sums show how much you'll save. This is a conservative figure - many RocketReader users report 100% increases in reading speed. You'll save at least 30% more time, too - more recreation? More family time? More education?  More time for clubs and community groups? It's up to you!

"The time I am saving is worth ten times the amount I paid for the program. I now have more time for clubs, volunteering, and the like."
James Riendaeu, Madison WI USA

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