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RocketReader and NCLB

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act sets new standards in the field of K-12 education. While providing more opportunities for every child to succeed in the classroom, the Act puts new demands on educators, and spells out new requirements for the products to be used in the classroom. The Act encourages the use of proven, research-based educational methodologies and products that can help the majority of children master crucial skills for life.

Read how RocketReader conforms to many of the recommendations of the National Reading Panel and the No Child Left Behind Act :

Sound reading ability is a cornerstone of academic achievement. NCLB recognizes the importance of developing reading skills by introducing two special grants - Reading First and Early Reading First - to help ensure that all children can read at grade level or above by the end of the third grade.

RocketReader reading proficiency software helps you meet the vigorous requirements of the NCLB Act by ensuring that every child in your class achieves the required level of reading proficiency. RocketReader achieves this by:

  1. Actively addressing the following three of five essential components of reading instruction as defined by NCLB:

    - vocabulary development;
    - reading fluency;
    - reading comprehension strategies.

  2. Reaching every student in your class.

    RocketReader works well on a one-to-one basis. The software monitors each student's progress, and adjusts the difficulty of the exercises accordingly. Individual student progress information is then stored under the name of the student. Teachers have access to detailed reports - group and individual -on students' progress, and can easily identify underachievers that need additional practice. You can also "subdivide" your class based on their level of reading proficiency, and then monitor the time, effort and achievement by each group.

  3. Meeting the requirements of the Reading First Grant.

    We have customers that successfully funded their RocketReader purchase under the Grant. For more information about Reading First Grant requirements, click here.

  4. Providing adequate tools for student assessment and accountability.

    The educational edition of RocketReader incorporates a sophisticated reporting system. Students' activity with the software can be thoroughly monitored by the teacher. Group and individual reports on time and effort spent, and on reading speed and comprehension progress achieved, are available.

  5. Having a solid research foundation.

    RocketReader training techniques are based on extensive research carried out in the reading proficiency field over the last few decades. The research foundations of RocketReader are summarized in the RocketReader White Paper available for download from this site.

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