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RocketReader Ebook Classic Collection

Over 5,000 ebooks packed on one DVD!

Is there a timeless piece of literature that you have always wanted to find and read, but never seem to get around to? Chances are you'll find it in the RocketReader Ebook Classic Collection! More than 5,000 classical titles are included - works by such greats as William Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, Plato, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, and hundreds more!

You can buy the unique RocketReader Ebook library is delivered on a DVD, and take advantage of this vast collection of classics at your fingertips. With the wealth of genres available, from Philosophy to Romance to Horror, the whole family will not run out of stories to read for months - and even years - to come.

Every time you browse through the RocketReader Collection, you will be sure to find something you won't believe you could have missed while trying to keep up with all the latest bestsellers. Your time is precious; next time you read a book, make it a memorable and enjoyable experience with RocketReader Ebook Classic Collection!

All books are conveniently graded

Every book in the collection displays a grade level using the powerful RocketReader grade metric. The grade level gives you an indication of how many years of education a person is likely to need before being able to understand the book. You can see the grade level on every book in the collection. You can also browse the collection in order of grade level, from the easiest books, through to the hardest! This makes it easy to choose appropriate books for children as you can focus on the books that they can actually understand! Watch your child ramp up through the grade levels!

RocketReader Ebook Classic Collection can also be used as the ultimate collection of quality reading material for schools, colleges and universities - site licensing is available.

PC and Mac compatible

This collection can be browsed and read using any web browser on a Mac or PC or any other computer that can read standard data DVDs. The books are in common HTML format so they can be easily imported into other programs.

The RocketReader Ebook Classic Collection is also great for use as RocketReader practice readings using the RocketReader software.

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