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RocketReader Online Results

The following graphs show the improvements resulting from using RocketReader Online. The gains are measured over all RocketReader Online users who completed at least 15 flash training exercises. The study was conducted over a period of six months. The blue bars represent reading speed and the red bars represent reading comprehension.

The average starting reading speed 231 words per minute
Average reading speed after using RocketReader Online386 words per minute
Comprehension at start70%
Comprehension after using RocketReader Online 85%

These gains were made on average in the first two months of using RocketReader (32 or more uses). graph of results

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How the graphs were compiled

The data used in these graphs is the aggregrate results of RocketReader Online users, who have no affiliation with us. Only users who had completed at least 15 flash training sessions were included in this study.

When calculating speed results, all results with speeds over 850 words per minute were discarded, as the graph presents reading results and not skim reading results. When calculating results, only results from first readings were used. Speed and comprehension is likely to improve on subsequent readings of the same text as the material is more familiar so second and subsequent readings of the same text were not included. Any results where the user revealed the text to help answer the comprehension questions were discarded to avoid inflating the comprehension results.

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