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SAT success with RocketReader

The SAT Preparation Module is included FREE with every copy of RocketReader - download your trial copy!

Having a bad case of "SAT panic"? While it is absolutely normal to feel nervous preparing for one of the most important tests of your life, there DEFINITELY IS something you can do to be prepared!

Stop wasting your time and energy worrying, and start working towards achieving a high SAT score right now. Do it the smart way - use the software that has been especially developed to help you succeed on the SAT. RocketReader, popular high performance reading and comprehension development software, also includes a complete SAT preparation system that was developed with the advice of leading SAT experts, and with the knowledge of hundreds of past SAT papers. The SAT component is now included with RocketReader, your key to SAT success.

To make sure that you do your best on the SAT, it is very important to know what to expect on the test day. Each of the SAT questions follows a specific formula. RocketReader shows and trains you on the different SAT question types and explains hints, short-cuts and techniques for finding the right answer.

Just click on one of the links below to find out how RocketReader will help you prepare for:

Verbal Questions
Sentence Completions
Critical Readings
Math Questions

RocketReader focuses on the following essential techniques in your SAT preparation:

Vocabulary Improvement
Understanding of Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes
Time Management in the SAT
Understanding the Answer Sheet
Coping with pressure

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The benefits of your SAT preparation with RocketReader will last well past the big test day. The Improved reading speed, comprehension and stamina you develop will help you advance in your college and university studies, and succeed in your future career.


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