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Remedial reading instruction for slow readers - Become fast and accurate readers with RocketReader!

If you find reading tiring and frustrating, then chances are you have bad reading habits that make reading difficult. You've acquired those bad habits over years, and they will not go away without a remedial reading intervention.

Would you benefit from a remedial reading program?

If you find that you:
  • get tired after only reading for five or ten minutes
  • take weeks to read a book or novel
  • dread having to review an article or report
  • get overloaded with paperwork at work
  • move your lips while reading
  • have trouble understanding what you read
Then you can definitely benefit from the RocketReader reading instruction for remedial readers. Break the bad reading habits that result in reading problems and prevent you from reaching your full reading potential.

"When I began using RocketReader, my reading speed was consistently about 100-110 words per minute. Now, I am consistently reading at 180-190 wpm. Just that small increase has made a big difference. What makes this increase all the more impressive is that I have only had the time to use RocketReader once every 2-3 weeks."
V. Latham, VA, USA

Is RocketReader a kids or adults program?

Whether it's you or your child who need help with their reading - RocketReader has products to address reading problems at any age:
  • RocketReader Kids is the ultimate reading tutor for children ages 3 to 7. It is suitable for young readers that need help in developing good reading habits, as well as for students who are struggling under the conventional early reading instruction.
  • RocketReader (and its web version - RocketReader Online) is suitable for ages 7 to adult, and has 450 graded practice readings with comprehension tests. No matter what your level of reading proficiency, RocketReader reading lessons will be tailored to your current reading ability yet provide sufficient challenge.
  • RocketReader Professional was created to help busy professionals improve their reading speed and comprehension with minimal investment of time and effort. You can work on improving your reading skills while working with your documents (in text and PDF format) or browsing web sites. RocketReader Professional includes 75 web readings on management, marketing, leadership and other highly relevant business topics.

How RocketReader can help you overcome reading difficulties

RocketReader was designed to both improve reading skills of fast readers and provide remedial education and reading help for slow readers. It is currently used in schools and colleges in the USA in remedial reading classes. Flash training and carefully designed reading exercises are used to help you "unlearn" any bad reading habits you have, and develop proper reading techniques.

As you progress, RocketReader adjusts to your reading speed and challenges you to read faster. You will be taken through a structured lesson plan that will result in remarkable progress in just weeks of regular RocketReader practice.

"On Saturday, my drill score went higher than before to 20. When I took a speed test, comprehension felt very good and speed had jumped about 100 wpm to 530. It was amazing."
Randy Rudin WA USA


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