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Adelaide, Australia. 2 April 2004. Your heart will beat about 300 million times while you are at work, but many of us will read 2-3 times as many words during our careers. That's 800 million words!

Dealing efficiently with the ever-increasing flood of words is what every business owner and manager hopes for. Training to overcome bad reading habits can slash the time taken to deal with daily quota of reports, emails, tenders and other business correspondence.

RocketReader is an Adelaide company with international success. Their speed reading software is used worldwide in schools, homes and offices. To help companies to cope with the ever increasing demand for individuals to effectively process information, on April 2nd they released their international seminar series on reading skills and total efficiency at work. Their first seminar will be held in Kuwaiti. Interest from the USA, Thailand and Turkey is mounting.

RocketReader CEO and founder, Dr. Simon Ronald says "The RocketReader speed reading software was released on the web in 1996 ( and has been a success internationally. With over 99% of RocketReader sales coming from USA, Europe and Asia RocketReader has enjoyed success with people specifically looking for speed reading software. The seminar series provides a full day of reading theory and RocketReader practical instruction and valuable tips on managing email and reports both onscreen and printed. By providing the software to all attendees of the seminar RocketReader is the only company providing targeted business reading improvement along with the take away value that the RocketReader software provides. It all about reading and knowing more in less time, providing more hours to focus on core business activities or simply to avoid long working weekends and evenings."

With over 500 million people now using the Internet, smart reading is now more important than ever. It is estimated that by the end of 2004 there will be 32 billion web pages worldwide. The value of reading effectively is now at an all time high. Fast and accurate readers typically excel in their studies and their profession. Says Dr. Ronald, "We have heard the cries for help from the medial, legal and financial sectors. 'Too much to read and not enough time.' We hear you. With our seminars and our software we are doing something about it."

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