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RocketReader Newsletter - Issue One - Vocalization

Vocalization - a bad reading habit

Vocalization is a widespread reading habit that has the effect of slowing down reading. It occurs when we say the words we are reading out loud or “under our breath”. Vocalization is a technique we often learn when first learning to read. The out-loud phonic sounding of word parts is precisely how we learn to read in the first place. This phonic sounding must be specifically unlearned, otherwise it hinders reading speed and comprehension even into adulthood. You should be able to read three times faster when you read silently as opposed to verbally! A transformation from a talking reader to a visual reader is necessary to become a faster reader. Being aware of the problem is the first positive step - many adults vocalize without ever realizing it.woman concentraiting on a book

Vocalization is a habit that has significant consequences. The main result is that a reader who vocalizes has to make a big mechanical reading effort to extract a small amount of information. It is a situation of big effort for poor results. Poor speed and comprehension are achieved, and the reader can easily become frustrated. Bad reading habits such as vocalization are common in both children and adults and they are sticky and stubborn.

Here are some practical strategies to eliminate vocalization:

  • When reading first of all be aware of what your lips are doing. If you are saying the words, moving your lips or mumbling through the text then you should make a conscious effort to stop.

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  • Try and concentrate on concepts, ideas and key words as you are reading.

  • Force yourself to read faster - after a while the voice cannot keep up with your reading pace and the vocalization will decline.

  • Practice these steps two to three times per week for twenty to thirty minutes per session. Do not attempt long sessions over one hour in duration as this is not the optimal learning strategy.

  • Measure your reading speed regularly to keep track of your progress. When measuring your reading speed you should not have read the material before, as you read material faster and faster each time you re-read it. You will need a timer. Read for four minutes and then stop. Accurately count the number of words you have read and calculate a "words per minute" measure. Also try and get a feel for how well you have read the material - if you can't summarize six major points in the material then it is likely that your comprehension was reduced.

a mouth Vocalization is an ingrained habit. It is difficult to change such habits. For motivation imagine how your life will change as a faster reader; greater knowledge, power; opportunity and wealth. You should be assured that you can become a better reader when you eliminate bad reading habits. Eliminating vocalization requires hard work and dedication but the reward is faster reading and improved comprehension.

The RocketReader speed reading software specifically trains to eliminate the bad habit of vocalization to transform you to a faster, and more accurate reader.

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