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RocketReader newsletter - Four Secrets to Effective Web Reading


www As more and more information switches to the Internet, it becomes an important goal to make our web reading sessions productive and efficient. No matter how we use the Web, for research, college, professional reading, buying or simply entertainment, there a number of things we can do to make the most from our web sessions. Here are four key web reading secrets revealed!

Secret 1 - Use large fonts for easy reading

A common problem with web reading is that we try to read with a font that is far too small for comfortable reading. By having larger fonts you can typically read for longer durations and have a higher comprehension of the information being read. To increase your Web Browser font size.

    man at his desk with a headache
  • On Microsoft Internet Explorer use the "View | Text Size | Larger" option.
  • On Mozilla use the "View | Text Zoom | Larger" option.

Secret 2: establish credibility of the site

Why spend your valuable reading time reading a web site that is not an authoritive source of information? Why read a web site when there are much better sources available? Here are a few tips to help you determine how important and well known a web site is.

  • Check the physical address details. Web sites that do not contain an address are often run by small companies or individuals without any office. Companies that do not list any address at all may have something to hide!
  • Check the PageRank with the Google toolbar; page rank of 5 or more means it is a popular site. The Google toolbar is a toolbar that attaches itself to the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. You can install it by downloading it from this site After you install the Google Toolbar click on the Options button in the new toolbar, and choose the "Pagerank display" toggle in the options toggle. You will notice a control called PageRank has been added to your Google Toolbar. This control shows you how well known on the web the web page that your are visiting is. For example, if you have a site with PageRank of 2, it is not very well know (and linked) on the web. If you encounter a site with a PageRank of 9, then this is a extremely widely known and referenced page on the Internet. The Google PageRank assists you to quickly determine which are the "authoritive" pages on the Web, and can often save you valuable reading time.

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Secret 3 . Make full use of the navigation elements

woman ufing the Internet on her notebook If you are reading a report you should read carefully the table of contents, the headings, and the structure of the document before commencing detailed reading. A web site is no different. Examine the site navigation page. View the major hyperlinks. Decide what you want from the web site and how you might best extract it. The site navigation page is the equivalent of the "table of contents" in a book. It often has a menu that leads to the different parts of the web site.

Secret 4 - Bookmark Important Pages

When you visit important web pages, don't forget to bookmark the pages that you like so you can quickly return to them. You can bookmark a page in Microsoft Internet Explorer by using the "Favorites | Add to favorites" menu option. On Mozilla you can bookmark a page by clicking on the "Bookmarks | Bookmark this Page" menu item.

It is often better to bookmark pages rather than saving to your computer or printing the web pages. Web pages change often so unless you want a "snapshot" of the page at a particular time, returning to a bookmarked page will return you an up-to-date copy of the web page. Saved copies or printouts may have stale information, out of date pricing, or information that has been extended or updated. Printing out a web page can often be expensive as well! Web pages are typically graphics rich and often contain coloured backgrounds. A printout of a web site may easily cost $5 in expensive colored printer ink!

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