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How to create your own comprehension tests...

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Write your own reading comprehension lessons
RocketReader can be used by teachers, parents and students to prepare comprehension tests.

Comprehension tests are easy to create. You create your own comprehension tests by writing the questions in a simple format and saving them as a text file with the same name as the custom text you want to use but with the extension ".qmc". For example, if the custom text file is called "geography.txt", then the comprehension file should be saved as "geography.qmc". When the custom text is read, RocketReader will automatically load up, prepare and run a comprehension test using the matching comprehension file. For example, if geography.txt is read, RocketReader will prepare and run a comprehension test using geography.qmc. 

If there are any errors in the specification of the comprehension text, RocketReader will tell you exactly where in the text file the error was found. You can then correct the error in your editor and save the file again.

The following diagram shows a sample comprehension file.

I. Down the <choice>-Hole.
{Rabbit, Ferret, Rat, Fox, Rodent}

So she was considering, in her own mind (as well as she could, for the hot day made her feel very sleepy and stupid), whether the pleasure of making a <choice>-chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies, when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her.
{daisy, flower, lupine, blossom, gold}

Well!" thought Alice to herself. "After such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling down-stairs! How brave they'll all think me at home! Why, I wouldn't say anything about it, even if I fell off the top of the <choice>!"
{house, roof, dwelling, hut, wall}

The multiple choice options are written below the paragraph. For example, for "Chapter1. Down the <choice>-Hole." the multiple choice options are written in the parenthesis i.e. {Rabbit, Ferret, Rat, Fox, Rodent}. The correct answer is always written first in the parenthesis i.e. "Rabbit". (When the comprehension test is done, RocketReader lists the options in alphabetical order so that the person doing the test has to work out which option is correct).

How to create your own memory tests...

Use RocketReader to learn information you need to know. You can create memory tests to learn facts, figures, formulae, theorems, technical jargon and language. Use this function to prepare for exams, interviews, work and to improve your general knowledge. For example, if you are studying French, you can use it to learn French verbs. 

Here we have designed a simple test that teaches the use of two French verbs "couche" and "coupe". We write the relevant information in a text file, using a simple text editor such as the Windows Notepad (or MS Word):

French verb for "to go to bed, to lie down" is 
singular: me <choice> 
plural: nous <choice> 
{couche, mentons,occupe,oublie,admire} 
The French verb for "to cut" is 
singular: <choice> 
plural: <choice> 

For each multiple choice question there is a "<choice>".  Underneath the sentence pertaining to the question there are lists of the multiple choice options - the correct option always appears first in the list. In the example, for the first multiple choice question the options are "{couche,mentons,occupe,oublie}" - the correct option "couche" (to go to bed) appears first.

When RocketReader constructs the actual memory test it lists all of the options in alphabetical order so that the person doing the test has to work out which option is correct. 

The next step is to save the file with an extension of ".qmc". RocketReader will then automatically load up and prepare a memory test when the custom French verb memory test is read. If there are any errors in the specification of a memory test, RocketReader will tell you exactly in the text file that the error was found. You can then correct the error in your editor and save the file again.

Running your memory test...

When you run RocketReader, select the Readings exercise, click on the Custom Text button, navigate to where your memory test is stored and open the file. In the example, we choose "french.qmc".

This is the first memory question from the "french.qmc" file. Type the answer directly into the box.

Or, to see the multiple choice options click on the down arrow in the box and select an answer. Once you have made you selection, you cannot change your answer.

RocketReader will then take you to the next question.

Once you have answered all the questions, RocketReader will show how many you answered correctly.

You can then scroll back and review the questions that you answered incorrectly. The corrected answer is marked in green.

Creating your tests is easy

Creating your own multiple choice questions is simple - once you have done it once, you can quickly prepare any set of knowledge and learn it RocketReader.


The instructions for creating comprehension and memory tests are contained in the RocketReader Help files under the heading of "Quizzes". 
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