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Time Management and Speed Reading Proficiency Seminars

You can succeed!

RocketReader reading efficiency seminars teach powerful new skills so you can master your formidable work load and forge more free time for you and your family. .

Along with teaching speed reading, the RocketReader seminar explains how the philosophy behind speed reading can be successfully applied to many other aspects of information processing

RocketReader will provide your staff with a motivating, practical and valuable seminar on the latest speed reading, time management and information processing techniques.

Participants leave the RocketReader seminars with tangible results:

The average increase in reading speed measured at the end of the seminar is 68%; the average reading comprehension improvement is 41%. Achieving gains like this in only one day will motivate you to exploit the provided RocketReader software to advance to even better long-term reading gains.


Five reasons why good time management is essential for your company

  1. “Time thieving” distractions and interruptions removed
  2. More time left for core business work
  3. More time left for professional reading
  4. Less overtime required - associated productivity loss reduced
  5. Better worker satisfaction and increased productivity


Five reasons why excellent reading efficiency is essential for your staff

  1. Much less time required to deal with reports, tenders and memos
  2. Much more efficient Email management
  3. Time required for Web research slashed - while the relevancy of the results is improved!
  4. Routine administration tasks completed faster
  5. More professional reading done in less time

Five reasons why the RocketReader Time Management Course is unique

  • Recognizing the fact that the modern information workers spends a lot of their time in the job reading, the RocketReader Time Management seminar is much more practically oriented than a general time management course.
  • RocketReader Time Management strategy focusses on how to manage time in new mediums such as email, Web reading, and using search engines to locate information.
  • The RocketReader seminar is the only time management course taught with a very strong emphasis on reading.
  • The RocketReader seminar is the only course to supply the acclaimed RocketReader speed reading software to all participants FREE to provide long term value.
  • The RocketReader seminar is the only course taught personally by speed reading expert, Dr. Simon Ronald.
  • The seminar notes contain over 160 pages packed with valuable secrets about advanced time management and speed reading techniques. These notes were written by Dr. Ronald and are only available through this course.


You will learn how

  • Bad reading habits such as vocalization and skipback are holding back your reading. Discover how these bad habits can be eliminated to promote you to a much faster and more accurate reader
  • To extract the most out of your email sessions - advanced email time management and reading skills to make your email much more effective
  • To apply secrets of reading large reports in a fraction of the time
  • To power up your web research skills and learn to find the right information fast
  • Your memory works and the winning methods of preparing for high pressure situations, such as sales presentations or seminars, where you must recall the information quickly and effectively
  • You can apply effective time management techniques, especially if you work with computers and the Web

Valuable topics taught in the RocketReader seminar include:

  • RocketReader Time Management vs. Traditional Time Management - learn how to deal more efficiently with the ever increasing flood of information
  • Reading quickly and accurately - techniques for speed reading traditional and new information sources (reports, memos, emails, web sites etc.)
  • Making the best use of the Web
  • Memory improvement techniques
  • Maximizing efficiency in the workplace

View complete Seminar Outline

Every attending staff member gets a full copy of the RocketReader Gold speed reading software (valued at US$299) to take away with them. The seminar is designed to motivate your staff to become more proficient readers. Rather than just explaining how to speed read - as so many speed reading courses, books and tapes do - the RocketReader software will train your staff to actually do it.When your staff read quickly and accurately they have more time for core business activities such as planning, development, selling and customer relations. Speed reading is considered a valuable personal development as well. If your staff have been asking for training this is a great opportunity. Who doesn't need to read faster and more accurately? RocketReader seminars are relevant to the financial, resources, utility, IT, medical, retail, design, government and regulatory industries.

Each seminar is presented by Dr. Simon Ronald, CEO of RocketReader and author of the RocketReader speed reading software and the web site. Dr. Ronald has presented over 300 full days of public speaking and corporate training and is a dynamic, knowledgeable, and confident speaker. These seminars have been received by large corporate audiences in California, Kuwait and Australia with great audience reviews. Dr. Ronald has a PhD in Computer Science (artificial intelligence) and is an expert in reading proficiency. More detail.


  • 50% advance deposit.
  • Cancellation. Deposit is refunded less actual costs incurred; if cancellation occurs within two weeks of the booked seminar no refund is applied.

Book Early

Once you have determined the dates of your seminar book early to avoid missing out. Availability is strictly limited.


The following prices are based on the total number of staff members attending the seminar over a one day period. Prices include

  • A full day seminar
  • Printed student handouts for the number of specified students
  • CDs containing the complete and latest version of the Gold Edition of the RocketReader speed reading software for the specified number of students

How To Book

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    and we can provide detailed information on how the seminar can power-up your company.

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