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Memory training with RocketReader Vocab

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Do you need to:

  • improve your vocabulary?
  • remember critical facts and figures to get ahead at work?
  • need to learn the fundamentals to prepare for exams?
  • achieve better grades at school?
  • stop forgetting names, birthdays, appointments, phone numbers?..

Then try RocketReader Vocab today - memory training software for Windows. RocketReader Vocab trains for a broad and powerful vocabulary, but also allows you to create lessons of your own to learn anything you desire! This versatile software has many flexible ways of training including flash card, multiple choice questions and true/false questions. RocketReader Vocab is perfect for students.

This software is just what you need for examination or test preparation, or simply learning facts, or trivia. You can design your own lessons, and RocketReader will quiz and display our progress until you until you have mastered the materials. With RocketReader Vocab you can become a test taking machine.

For more information see the Vocab page here.

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"I have over the years read and used so called memory improvement courses and I can honestly say they have not been worth the time or the effort! Your course WORKS - there is a similar course on sale in the UK costing over 400-00 and I was talking to a personnel officer a couple of years ago who mentioned that it was a waste of time and effort not to mention money!"
B. Wolohan, Northants UK

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