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Are you a student? If you are bogged down with essays, assignments, projects, and huge reading lists then why not try RocketReader for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT. As your reading speed and comprehension increases, you will naturally achieve better grades and results at school.

RocketReader also develops memory, vocabulary, spelling & typing skills. Think of all of the extra knowledge you will gain when you become a better reader with RocketReader. When it comes to reading and comprehension RocketReader is your competitive advantage; better test and exam results, this is the advantage you need.

"I am a pre-vet student, who works two part-time jobs. I have a large amount of reading to do for school and very little time in which to do it. I needed to increase my reading speed in order to keep up. RocketReader is helping me to do just that."
V. Latham, VA, USA

With RocketReader you can get your school work done faster. In a given amount of time you will be able to study much more information and remember more than you could before. The RocketReading technique puts less strain on your eyes so you will be able to read, study, and concentrate for much longer. This will give you much better grades in all subjects at school, college, and at university - AND more free time to enjoy student life!

"After I used it for several months I took some college classes and I did feel that I was able to read a lot faster then when I was an undergraduate. "
B. Gracely, Colorado Springs USA

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RocketReader is used in schools and universities around the world. Now you can have this versatile software at work on your home computer.

"I am still surprised at the quick results. Two months just does not seem a long enough to speed up my reading by three times especially considering the material I read is college level."
James Riendaeu, Madison WI USA

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