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Building Fluency, Comprehension and Confidence

RocketReader in Schools, Colleges and Universities

RocketReader trains students to read faster and more accurately. RocketReader has a series of effective exercises to improve student reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, stamina and confidence.
I personally buy one for every student I tutor.
M Curtis, Speech Pathologist, Ada's Cool School, MI   see all
What's Included
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No Child Left Behind and Educational Value
Class and Student Reports
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System Requirements
Funding your Purchase
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What's Included

Benefits of using RocketReader Educational Editions:
  • Students read faster and understand more - RocketReader has effective training exercises to improve reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, stamina and reading confidence.
  • Students train using material at an appropriate reading or grade level - there are 500+ graded reading exercises with comprehension tests for ages 7 to adult.
  • Readings on topics which students enjoy including a range of exciting topics for younger children, boys, girls and teenagers such as playing in the sandpit, a birthday party, skateboarding, dirt bike riding, the school prom and a mystery cruise.
  • Each student's reading needs are met. Slow and fast readers can happily co-exist in the same class, as training is optimized according to skill level.
  • To make reading easier for students with reading disorders, options for students with dyslexia, visual impairment or ADD/ADHD.
  • To easily manage classes and students, administrator and teacher control panels.
  • So you can see at a glance how classes or students are progressing, detailed reports by class and/or student.
  • Prompt technical support through our web contact forms or by telephone, email or fax.
My daughter has been using Rocket Reader for several months. She is an eighth grader and her reading went from 150 wpm to about 500. She can only practice from time to time while in school.
Russ Montello, California USA   see all
The Educational Edition is available through an online web subscription or as software. To learn about the further benefits of these editions, please read on.

Online Edition

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If your school, college or university is looking for a fully maintained network solution for use by multiple students, then RocketReader Online is best.
RocketReader online offers intuitive administration access so that administrators and teachers can quickly configure classes and students. In addition to the rich built-in content teachers can easily add custom readings and quizzes. The online reporting is powerful and comprehensive. For instance, progress reports can be generated for an entire class and then automatically sent via email (as PDF attached reports) for sudents (and parents) to appraise.

Additional Benefits

  • So students can learn at school and home, access twenty four hours a day from any computer connected to the internet.
  • To give students plenty of reading choice, a library of 5,000 classic eBooks.
  • A Vocabulary module, which trains students on SAT level vocabulary and allows teachers and students to create their own vocabulary sets.
  • To save you time and stress, we take care of:
    • full network installation
    • ongoing maintenance such as backups and upgrades.
      No more worry about installation, maintenance and upgrading!
  • Secure and easy login with email or username and password for the administrator, teachers and students.

How it works

Your school subscribes for a multi-user account on an annual basis. Each student account counts as one account. If a student leaves, you can delete that student's account and set up a new account for another student to use. If your requirements change over time and you require additional accounts, you can purchase additional student accounts.
My students have doubled and in some cases tripled their reading speed. I love the product!
Bill Quinn, Tech Ed Chair, St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School   see all
Speed Reading - order now Additional Benefits
  • So teachers can set or students can select their own training materials, ability to import MS Word and PDF files into the training exercises.
  • To enable teachers to test comprehension, ability to create your own comprehension tests.
  • To enable students to train using resources available on the internet, ability to import text from websites into the training exercises.
Speed Reading - order now

Quick Comparison

No Child Left Behind and Educational Value

RocketReader helps educators meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act by:
  • Ensuring that all students achieve the required level of reading proficiency
  • Providing tools for student assessment and accountability
  • Meeting the requirements for federal funding, such as Reading First Grant
  • Having a solid research foundation.

Learn how RocketReader conforms to many of the recommendations of the National Reading Panel - RocketReader whitepaper (258K PDF).

Visit our NCLB page to learn more.

Class and Student Reports

The RocketReader class reports allow you quickly assess the reading skill level of every student in your class so you can best direct your teaching time. To view what's covered in the class and student reports, click here. To see a sample report, click here.

Top Ten Tips

Handy hints for using RocketReader in the classroom.

Money Back Guarantee

All RocketReader products are guaranteed. If you are not completely satisified, simply return the product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

System Requirements

RocketReader Online
  • Mac, PC or Linux computers
  • Web browser
  • Internet connection (Broadband or dial up)

Funding your purchase

You can purchase RocketReader using funds allocated by your school or district or generate funds under one of the many federal programs. If your school has a high percentage of students from low income families, consult the following programs:

How to order

Ordering is quick, easy and secure. You can order and make secure payment over the Internet. Purchase orders are also welcome. Internet Orders

For RocketReader Online click here

Purchase Orders

Send or fax your purchase order to:

RocketReader Orders
USA - Toll Free Fax : (877) 731 4410
4310 W. 190th St., Suite # 79470, Torrance, CA 90504, USA

Please include the following details on your order:

  1. the number of CDs or student accounts you require
  2. if ordering RocketReader Online, the date you want the online subscription period to commence
  3. the total amount of your order
  4. a contact name
  5. your telephone number
  6. your address for shipping and/or invoicing
  7. an email contact.

Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will process your order and invoice you. (We only invoice educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities).


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