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Memory Training - More Detail

The RocketReader memory training is designed to test and improve your long and short term memory. RocketReader allows you to do a memory test on any of the built-in memory tests in the areas of Mathematics, Science, SATs, or English, or on any of the 500 RocketReader practice readings.

You can also develop your own memory tests and learn any information you like, including:
  • facts
  • figures
  • formulae
  • trivia
  • theorems
  • work-related information
  • computer jargon
  • scientific names for biology and zoology
  • exam preparation
  • test preparation
  • general knowledge
  • vocational information
  • languages
  • interview preparation
When you prepare your special memory tests you are only limited by your imagination. For example, if you wanted to learn some French verbs you could write the following information in a text file, using a simple text editor such as the Windows Notepad (or using MS Word):

The French verb for "to go to bed, to lie down" is 
singular: me <choice> 
plural: nous <choice> 
{couche, mentons,occupe,oublie,admire} 
{couchons,demandons,habillions,admirons}  The French verb for "to cut" is 
singular: <choice> 
plural: <choice> 
Here we have designed a simple comprehension test that teaches the use of two French verbs couche, and coupe. The sentence gives the context and contains the multiple choice options. For each multiple choice option there is the letters "<choice>".  Underneath the paragraph contains the list of multiple choice options with the correct option appearing first in the list. For example, the first set of options is "{couche,mentons,occupe,oublie}" with the correct option couche, or to go to bed, appearing first. When RocketReader constructs the actual memory test it will list all of the options in alphabetical order so that the user of the test does not know which item is the correct option.

Creating your tests is easy

Creating your own multiple choice questions is simple, once you have done it once, you can quickly prepare any set of knowledge, and RocketReader will help you learn it.

The detailed instructions for creating these files are contained in the RocketReader help system. You simply save the file with an extension of ".qmc" and RocketReader will automatically load up and prepare a memory test at the right time. If there are any errors in the specification of a memory test, RocketReader will tell you exactly in the text file that the error was found. You can then correct the error in your editor and re-save the file. When you run RocketReader and select the "Memory" option, and choose this saved file, the Memory test window appears. This is the first memory question from the French verbs file.

You can type in the correct answer directly into the box, or you can examine the multiple choice options by clicking on the down arrow in the box. This gives you the multiple choice options:

Once you have selected each option in the paragraph, RocketReader then shows you the next paragraph, in this case the next two questions. You cannot go back to any previously attempted questions and change your answer. The following diagram shows the next question.

Once you have answered each of the questions RocketReader will indicate how many you answered correctly:

You can then scroll back and review the questions that you answered incorrectly. The corrected answer is marked in green.


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