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Practice Readings

The RocketReader practice readings allow you to practice your readings skills on a fine selection of built-in readings. You can select from over 450 advanced and basic readings*. To view the excellent selection of readings click here. You can choose your own PDF, Word or text files to use in any of the RocketReader exercises. The following diagram shows the window that contains the choices of built-in texts.

After you select a reading the Practice Reading window appears:

You can ajust the speed with the left and right arrows - left arrow is slower, right arrow is faster. You can also scroll a page down at a time, or use the scrollbars to move to a position in the reading.

When you have finished reading the text you can then do a comprehension test to determine your understanding of the material.

RocketReader will carefully measure and report your reading speed and add your reading speed and comprehension to your learning progress. You can then print graphs and reports and appraise your reading skill improvements.

* RocketReader Gold provides a selection from 550 readings.
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