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RocketReader Speed Training

Speed training accelerates your reading speed by presenting information rapidly on the screen.

Eliminating Skipback

Speed training trains to you eliminate the bad habit of eye skipback by hiding the text of prior sentences. Since you only see one chunk of text at a time, the earlier displayed text is invisible. This means your eyes cannot perform those eye skipbacks that slow down reading pace and flow.

Eliminating Eye Overuse

Speed training trains you to read in blocks of words rather than word by word. This trains you to see and understand more information with every eye glance. You can increase the block size yourself as you improve.

Using Speed Training

The progress bar under "Ramp" displays you how far you have progressed with the text. The "Ramp" option means that the words will be displayed faster as you progress through the text. The 50 means that the display rate will increase to a speed of 50% faster by the end of the text. Of course, you can change this percentage to make the increase in speed more or less challenging.

Speed Training Explained

The following diagram shows the speed training window.

At the top of the screen there is a light blue rectangle where the words are displayed. You can control the rate at which the words appear in this area. The "Speed" slider allows you to select the reading speed in words per minute. You can increase or decrease your speed at any time by dragging this slider to the new speed. You can also control the width of the text that is displayed with the "Width" buttons. This means that you can display a single word at a time through to a block of words at a time.

The "Start" menu option allows you to choose a new reading for the training. You can choose from any of the excellent RocketReader readings or select your own "Custom File". This means that you can use any of your own documents, letters or texts in the training exercise.
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