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Using RocketReader - Top Ten Classroom Tips for Teachers

  1. Run an introductory session on RocketReader for the whole class. Select a Lesson Plan (for example, a Quick lesson) and go through it step-by-step, so the students can get used to the program and you can answer any questions they may have. This works better than many one-on-one sessions and saves time.
  2. Consider borrowing a projector from the library for the introductory session.
  3. The RocketReader Flash exercise is fun. This exercise also works well as a group exercise, with students "calling out" the words/phrases as they see them. (Include this as part of your RocketReader introductory session).
  4. Set up user names for the whole class. This is preferable to allowing children to enter their own names, as it helps avoid duplication and other mix-ups. (Student graphs and reports are generated under their respective user names, so it is important to assign non-repeating names).
  5. Set up a special reading for the class about a favorite topic.
  6. Create your own comprehension tests - it's easy. (Click here for detailed instructions and examples).
  7. You can enable "Spelling Mode" in the Flash exercise, so that students have to type in the correct answers. This is great for developing spelling and keyboard skills.
  8. The Grouping, Speed and Readings exercises all use texts that are sorted by reading grade level. This means that students in your class can practice appropriately graded texts. A proficient reader and a struggling student can be sitting next to each other and each can learn at their own pace.
  9. You can determine the grade level of your own texts - in the exercise window (e.g. in Readings) select "Reading Level..." from the "File" menu. This allows to make sure that all texts you use for student reading practice are at an appropriate grade level.
  10. After a RocketReader training session, generate individual student reports and print them out for the students to take home to their parents. See what information is produced in these reports here.

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