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"I AM VERY IMPRESSED!! I used it for approx. three weeks and was amazed at the results! It really is a very impressive program and well worthy (sic) of the cost. I'm surprised the cost is so low - it is worth 10 times the cost!"
B. Wolohan, Northants UK
  • RocketReader is the most effective fully-featured speed reading system on the market, beware of lesser products that only offer one or two mechanisms for reading improvement and do not focus on comprehension and full memory training.  RocketReader is a substantial program (>10MBytes) and has typically ten times more content and training materials than its competitors.  RocketReader is designed for a broad audience from child through to the professional. See how RocketReader has helped our customers advance in their career or studies.
  • RocketReader is a great investment because your children, family, or friends can also use RocketReader on your computer. RocketReader stores the individual progress for each person using it. Do not miss out on this opportunity to reach your full reading potential.

  • premium e-mail and fax support, with free call FAX in the USA and local call FAX in the UK.
  • RocketReader is available exclusively through this web site. This means that you will be dealing directly with the company that makes the software which means that any questions can be answered quickly and accurately.
  • RocketReader makes a great gift!
  • See how RocketReader SAVES you money (and time)!
  • International orders are our specialty.
  • RocketReader comes with a sturdy card jacket, a CD and is delivered to your door by air mail.

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