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Why RocketReader?

Check out the RocketReader Flash presentation to find out how RocketReader is different from other speed reading courses, books and tapes.

RocketReader is not about gimmicks like "read 10,000 words per minute!" RocketReader is about setting realistic, achievable goals to improve your reading skills, and working 15 to 30 minutes a day to achieve them.

Most people read at around 250-300 words a minute. There is an enormous scope to realistically increase reading speed to around 500-800 words per minute, while also improving comprehension and retention of material. This is the edge that you need to advance in your career and studies.

RocketReader can help you do that in just two months.

In this age of information overload, some people still manage to have all of the relevant facts already stored in their heads, are successful in their studies, and advance in their careers. This might be because they are rare geniuses - or they are excellent readers, and remember what they read.

So, the advantages of being a good reader are obvious - but what is the best way to become a better reader?

Why choose RocketReader over a speed reading course, book or tape?

  • RocketReader focuses not on only on speed reading, but also on comprehension and memory development - all the vital skills you need to succeed.

People who want to speed read generally want to do more than "scan" text and flick over pages, but rather to rapidly process, understand and retain more information than before. So, if a course, book or tape that does not focus on comprehension and memory development along with increasing reading speeds, it simply does not fit the purpose.

  • Speed reading courses, books and tapes focus on explaining how to speed-read. RocketReader trains you to speed-read.

The only way to break lifelong habits of reading to become a better reader is to participate in a structured, supervised training course that teaches both speed reading and memory development. RocketReader does exactly that.

Speed reading books, courses and tapes normally focus on explaining how to speed read. During a speed reading course or seminar, you might be given a few exercises, but after that you are on your own. If you decide to purchase a speed reading book or tape, you are solely responsible for making sure you do your exercises regularly, assess your progress and move to the next level. In an ideal world, this would work. In reality, books and tapes get lost, people don't have time, become confused, bored and frustrated - often because they underestimate or overestimate their progress and the complexity of exercises needed to get ahead.

  • RocketReader offers supervised, structured learning environment. You receive constant feedback, your progress is closely monitored, and difficulty of exercises adjusted accordingly.

RocketReader gives you the feedback that you need to know to improve. Your progress is being closely monitored, and the complexity of exercises adjusted accordingly. At the same time, you have the freedom to choose your practice readings from the variety of RocketReader's fiction or educational texts, or import your own practice texts. RocketReader has a highly advanced comprehension and memory training system where you can test your comprehension on one of the many readings. You can also design your own memory tests and train your memory while memorizing important facts.

  • RocketReader teaches four different speed reading methods.

RocketReader is comprehensive software package, containing many thousands of standard readings and flash exercises. RocketReader is a 5M Bytes highly compressed download. RocketReader uses four different methods for training speed reading:

Compare RocketReader to other speed reading products that have:

    • downloads of 2M Bytes or less,
    • only one method of speed training,
    • no memory training facilities,
    • very few standard readings.

  • RocketReader offers the convenience of training at your computer - you exercise whenever it suits you. RocketReader allows you to practice your speed reading skills online.

Today the computer has become an essential tool for work, education, and recreation. Having RocketReader on your computer means that you can have a training session whenever you can spare fifteen minutes!

The latest version of RocketReader Professional Edition - gives you the unique opportunity to combine your speed reading training sessions with surfing or researching the Internet. It means that you no longer need to set aside a special time for RocketReader exercises, or feel guilty about taking a little Web-surfing break!

To start speed reading online, all you have to do is type or paste the URL of a Web page into the RocketReader address bar, and hit "Go". You can also subscribe to the RocketReader Live Automatic Web Updates and practice your speed reading skills on exciting new web links we hand-pick for you - updated weekly!

  • RocketReader is about setting realistic, achievable goals, and working for 15 to 30 minutes a day to achieve them. If you do this for two months, you will read faster.

You may have heard the myths espoused by the audio tape products that claim to get your reading at over 10,000 words per minute. You may have heard the claims by the books that say "Anyone can speed read by reading this book". Another myth is that somehow magically you can turn yourself into a camera. "Hear this tape and photograph the contents of an entire page and read it from your mind's eye". Can one learn to do that? Studies have shown that very few people (if any) can "photograph" an entire page and understand it. Studies have also shown that very few people can read accurately at speeds above 800 words per minute.

Most people read at around 250-300 words a minute. There is an enormous scope to improve reading speed, style and comprehension to around 500-800 . With just a couple of months training with RocketReader, you can double your reading speed and improve your comprehension. This is the edge that you need. As you progress with RocketReader and improve your reading efficiency and comprehension, your confidence will increase. According to the feedback from our customers, with this new confidence, your appetite for reading and learning will skyrocket.

  • RocketReader has been at work around the globe for seven years, constantly evolving and incorporating the feedback from our customers.

Developed in 1995, RocketReader was a pioneer of the speed reading software field. It has been highly refined, extended and improved and is now offered as the RocketReader Professional Edition

RocketReader will be the best investment in yourself that you will ever make. Try it now and see for yourself, or here!

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