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Learn to speed read while surfing the Net!

Are you using the Internet for work, or just like to surf for pleasure? The answer is probably both. Research consistently shows that we are spending ever increasing amounts of time online.

RocketReader Professional gives you the unique opportunity to combine your speed reading training sessions with surfing or researching the Internet. It means that you no longer need to set aside a special time for RocketReader exercises, or feel guilty about taking a little Web-surfing break!

To start speed reading online, all you have to do is type or paste the URL of a Web page into the RocketReader address bar, and hit "Go". You can also subscribe to the RocketReader Live Automatic Web Updates and practice your speed reading skills on exciting new web links.

Web readings can be used in the "Grouping", "Speed" and "Practice Readings" components of RocketReader - the three key areas to improving your reading speed and accuracy!

Start using your surfing time smartly - learn to speed read while surfing the Net!

"Your program is one of the most useful things that I have ever found using the internet." (Dan Bialek, California USA)

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