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Readability Analysis

The RocketReader Readability index provides an approximate number of years of education that the reader would need to be able to understand the reading. The factors that contibute to a high value of this score include words with lots of syllables, sentences with a large number of words, large words, absence of very short words, obscene words, and the use of numbers in the document. A low value is 1, a high value is 15.

The RocketReader Readability index allows you to easily adjust the level of your readings to ensure that you always practice on texts of adequate complexity. The readability analysis feature is available in the RocketReader Gold and RocketReader Educational editions.

To check the readability index for a reading, select View -> Analysis of Document in the Practice Reading window (as shown below).

You can also check various other readability metrics of the text, as well as grammar statistics.

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