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20 Oct 2008 Use your own documents in the Groups, Speed or Read training exercises in RocketReader Online. This means you can improve your reading skills whilst reading material you need to master for work or study. Try it out for free now!

2 Jul 2007 RocketReader now runs on Windows Vista! The latest editon, version 8.21 is, Vista compatible. Now with 500 practice readings to use in the great RocketReader training exercises, its bigger and better too! For more information, click here. Already using RocketReader? Then, click here to purchase your upgrade.

2 May 2007 RocketReader Vocab now on California Learning Resource Network. RocketReader Vocab has been successfully reviewed by the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN), meets the CLRN review criteria and has been included on the CLRN website ( See the RocketReader Vocab page.

12 Aug 2006 RocketReader Kids Version 2.4 is released for children aged three to seven. Version 2.4 now contains full phonic support using the correct word sounds and incorporating letter blends, silent letter rules, and special cases and exceptions. Phonics is a critical reading skill as it teaches children powerful method to decode unfamiliar words. These "word attack" skills are important when the child is learning to read as they boost confidence as the child can decode the less familiar words in a sentence themselves.

RocketReader kids is unique as it trains for instant word familiarly or sight reading skills on the 1000 most popular words in the English/American language. It does this by starting with phonic training and then transitions to sight reading training. This transition is done at the optimal time for the child based on many thousands of measurements of comprehension received in the interaction between the child and the RocketReader Kids training system. RocketReader develops instant word recogition using high speed flash training. Instant word recognition is key to high-performance reading skills. RocketReader Kids builds high-performance reading skills in children at the youngest possible age.

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3 Aug 2006 Introducing RocketReader Online! Now you can learn to read fast and accurately online!

It's easy! Simply log into your account and start using the exercises and methods that have made RocketReader number one on the worldwide web. Access your account at home, school, college or work, the internet cafe whilst overseas. Use your own computer or someone else's. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection - either Broadband or dial up. No need to install software. No special plugins required. Works on Mac, Linux and PC computers.

RocketReader Online will dramatically improve your reading speed, comprehension and stamina wherever you are and wherever you go. New features and readings are added regularly. You get the latest version all the time with RocketReader Online. no need to worry about upgrades.

Enter the world of fast and accurate reading without fussing with computer software installation and maintenance. RocketReader Online is fast, convenient and simple. Try it today FREE!

28 Jan 2006 RocketReader Kids is Released! Announcing an exciting new software program RocketReader Kids - a product which teaches children ages 3 to 8 how to read by training children to master whole-word recognition skills. RocketReader Kids has 83 graded lessons, each with word pronunciation and spelling using both the sounds and letters of the alphabet.

RocketReader Kids employs a new smart method of reading instruction. The software measures a child’s recognition of individual words and phrases. This information is then used to adapt the training techniques and the assessment methods to suit the individual needs of the child. The resulting comprehension model is then leveraged to accelerate the child’s transition from phonic reading to whole word reading.

Most software designed to teach children how to read uses a small amount of effective reading methodology and a vast amount of multimedia, e.g. sounds and animation. Some recent studies have shown that animated characters and movement can actually distract from the goal of teaching reading instruction, consequently children may remember the bells and whistles but may forget the essential skills. Dr. Simon Ronald, CEO of RocketReader, said:

‘We have been providing high performance reading software to adults around the world for 10 years now. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for an adult reader is overcoming the bad reading habits that they have acquired ever since learning to read. Often, we see evidence that excellent adult readers were exposed to high performance reading techniques when they were young. Our goal was to teach children to read in a way that prevents the onset of bad reading habits and train in high performance reading from the outset. It's not a question of which method of reading instruction is best, whole-language(whole-word) training or phonics. It's a question of how to draw the power from both techniques in an effective way. RocketReader Kids is the result!’

RocketReader Kids cements instant word recognition using advanced whole-word flash techniques to teach the child how to instantly recognize the 1,000 most popular words in the English language. The software also employs unique ways of presenting hints to help children decode words by themselves.

Parents and teachers can download RocketReader Kids and try it free here.

RocketReader Kids operates on a PC computer running Windows and is available for online purchase. More information is available at the RocketReader Kids product page.

30 Dec 2005 New Version of RocketReader ready now for 2006! RocketReader releases Version 7.98! This version has new graphs, voice help, controls and a new teacher's report in the Educational Edition.

Version 7.98 includes four new progress graphs to measure reading level, speed, comprehension and confidence. These graphs show you precisely how you are improving in each area and provide you with the feedback and motivation you need to reach your reading goals. See sample report.

New voice prompts now describe the purpose and provide a brief explanation about each exercise type.

Version 7.98 includes an easy to use scroll bar for the practice readings and speed timings. This scroll bar allows you to quickly move to any location in the document as well as scroll up or down a line or a page at a time. The scroll bar is larger and easier to operate than a regular windows scroll bar. Also included are snazzy new sizing buttons in the grouping and speed training exercises. These buttons are easy to understand and operate. You can try the new version FREE here.

All New Educational Edition Now with an improved teacher's report showing a summary of student activity. Activity shown for each student includes when RocketReader was used, the time spent in each session, the actual active time (excluding idle time) and lesson components completed. Check out a sample classroom report here. The teacher's page can be found here.

12 Nov 2005 RocketReader showcases in Minneapolis. Nov 9-12, 2005 Minneapolis Convention Center. Minneapolis, Minnesota. RocketReader presented its exciting reading software range at the International Reading Association regional conference in Minneapolis. RocketReader met with English, reading and social studies teachers as well as prinicipals and school district administrators. More information about RocketReader at schools can be found here. More information about the International Reading Association can be found at

12 Oct 2005 RocketReader releases RocketReader Version 7.97. This all new version adds a massive 23-chapter story perfect for teenage reading. A group of smart school girls need some dates for the prom, but there are no boys that want to take them. One of their moms is a scientist in a genetics lab that is cloning animals. They have a fantastic idea! They search far and wide for bits of hair and fingernails of their dream dates. Soon they have clones of Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom and Usher ready for the big day. But things don't go to plan, especially when Britney Spears and her clone get involved. Try RocketReader version 7.97 FREE here

1 Aug 2005 RocketReader releases RocketReader Version 7.95 with custom flash files, improved reporting and great new features for teachers. Now, in the flash exercises you can choose your own files:- just select a MS Word, PDF, text or HTML document and RocketReader will extract all of the words and present them in the powerful flash training module. If you have children you can select age appropriate stories and RocketReader will use all of the words from that story. If you are a professional you can choose work related PDF documents and RocketReader will train you using words selected from those business documents. The RocketReader flash exercises train to eliminate the bad habit of excessive eye work during reading - the removal of this habit is critical for the transition to fast and accurate reading.

Version 7.95 also improves user and class reporting. Teachers, when they log into the powerful teachers's control panel, can now access example class data with sample students and progress data. This allows teachers to immediately see the diverse range of student assessment and reporting options available with the RocketReader Educational edition. Teachers, for details about the Educational edition click here.

2 Jul 2005 RocketReader releases powerful vocabulary software. RocketReader releases RocketReader Vocab software for PC, ages 15 to professional.
The ability to communicate correctly is vital for educational and career success. RocketReader Vocab transforms both spoken and read vocabulary skills by training with a powerful set of 37 lessons. Users can also construct their own vocabulary lessons and then master materials of their own choosing. Try it free or buy it online. Also available in networked editions for high schools. The networked edition allows students to enjoy lessons in a networked computer lab and also allows collaborative authoring of new lesson plans by the students themselves.

21 Apr 2005 RocketReader wins a national 2005 Consensus Software award.
RocketReader's reading software was declared a winner of the Microsoft-sponsored Consensus award on April 21. The Consensus awards are an independent endorsement of innovation, performance and potential ( The Consensus judging panel loved the RocketReader software! Here is their review...

"RocketReader is a great piece of innovation that blends solid academic research and some original ideas into a package that helps people read faster and retain more. As knowledge grows so does the amount we need to read and these skills helps young and old do just that. The package is bundled with an interface that appeals to the younger set and incorporates an AI process that sets the level to challenge the user at the appropriate level. All in all this is an excellent product with a track record and enormous potential."

14 Feb 2005 RocketReader releases RocketReader Version 7.9 with more readings and HTML reporting. This new version now provides its broad set of readings and comprehension quizzes in either US English or British English. Your language will automatically be detected when you run RocketReader or you can set this option manually in the RocketReader options.

This all new version adds 38 new stories for girls from age eight, including stories about superstars and cartoon heroes such as Lisa Simpson, Shakira, Beyonce, Johnny Depp and Usher. New multi-part adventure stories are included about school girls who set out together on various trips to the Big Apple, a boat cruise and other exciting adventures. Of course, all of these new stories have fully interactive comprehension testing.

RocketReader Version 7.9 also adds HTML progress reporting so you can monitor your progress in many of the skill-training areas of RocketReader, including memory development, comprehension, reading fluency and vocabulary. You can generate detailed reports or a general overview, to appraise your progress with RocketReader at a click of a button. Download the FREE trial here.

RocketReader Version 7.9 is enhanced with many new features for teachers and educators including a flexible class/student management system, improved student skills reporting, a class overview report and better support for teacher control and management. A free 90 day trial for schools is available here.

1 Dec 2004 RocketReader is the featured member of the month at the popular educational site "The Educational Software Cooperative". The Educational Software Cooperative, situated in DelValle Texas, is a non-profit corporation bringing together developers, publishers, distributors and users of educational software.

1 Dec 2004 RocketReader wins third prize in Secrets of Australian IT competition. RocketReader takes third prize in the national competition 'Secrets of Australian IT Innovation' in the eLearning Category. Innovations in this competition must be world-class, sustainable and have global application.

22 Oct 2004 – RocketReader releases RocketReader Version 7.6. This all new version adds 47* exciting new stories suitable for boys aged 8 to 13. These cool stories are packed with action: dirt biking, extreme sports, snowboarding, Nascar, rap, monster trucks, heavy metal, pro surfing, game fishing, radio controlled cars, dungeons and dragons, baseball cards, Lego design, football sensation David Beckham and Tony Hawke landing the 900, and much more! And, of course, each story is comprehension tested. RocketReader has now included a suggested grade level for each of the hundreds of built in readings. This way children and adults can always choose readings that are right for their skills and abilities. Try it now free, or buy it online!
* - The Gold edition has 47 new boys readings, the standard edition has 32.

1 Oct 2004 – RocketReader releases massive ebook collection bulging with 5,000 classic books. This unique 4 CD collection contains works by such greats as William Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, Plato, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, and hundreds more! Every book in the collection carries a grade level using the powerful RocketReader grade metric. Ideal for families, schools and colleges. Read more.

30 Aug 2004 – RocketReader version 7.5 provides features to assist people with learning difficulties. Research has shown that people with reading disorders such as dyslexia, Meares-lrlen Syndrome and visual impairment can benefit from specifically designed reading tuition. RocketReader software uses special features and techniques to make reading instruction easier for dyslexics and others affected by reading difficulties. Dyslexia page. Visual impairment page.

28 May 2004 –RocketReader Version 7.1 is Released! RocketReader Version 7.1 adds 60 new readings. These simple but entertaining stories are specially designed for young child readers. Each of the readings have comprehension tests so the child can see whether they have understood the reading. Just a few of the reading topics include "A Field Trip to the Zoo", "A Turtle in a Tank", "Building a Lego Castle at School", "My Dog Roger has Fleas", "Travis the Monster", and "A Mouse in the House". RocketReader now has a total of 360 dynamic readings in eight categories from child level through to professional. Free trial download - RocketReader version 7.1.

2 Apr 2004 –RocketReader release their corporate reading efficiency seminars. Dealing efficiently with the ever-increasing flood of words is what every business owner and manager hopes for. Training to overcome bad reading habits can slash the time taken to deal with daily quota of reports, emails, tenders and other business correspondence. RocketReader is the only company providing targeted business reading improvement along with the take away value that the RocketReader software provides. Full details of the release are here.

23 Jan 2004 – RocketReader moves swiftly. RocketReader now uses DigitalSwift Corporation to ship all CD software to clients requesting CD versions of RocketReader. DigitialSwift Software Corporation (, a corporation based in Georgia, USA provide the manufacture and shipping of RocketReader CDs worldwide. "When clients want their CDs, they want them delivered fast. Digital Swift can deliver fast through their US or Singapore offices depending on the country of delivery. DigitalSwift Software Corporation move CDs to clients in typically less than three days. It boils down to speed and client satisfaction", said Dr. Ronald, CEO of RocketReader. CD versions of RocketReader can be ordered here.

4 Dec 2003 – RocketReaders CEO, Dr. Simon Ronald has been awarded the prestigious Pearcey Award for "Innovation and pioneering achievements and contribution to research and development in Information Technology." Established in 1998 and named in honour of Dr Trevor Pearcey, an early computing pioneer, the Pearcey Foundation aims to promote excellence in the Australian information technology and telecommunications industry. Dr. Ronald was honoured by Dr. Jane Lomax Smith, Minister for Science & Information Economy, at the 2003 Australian Computer Society Cocktail Dinner. Further information about the Pearcey awards can be found at

1 Nov 2003 – RocketReader moves to heart of Adelaide. The RocketReader office moved today to the Adelaide City Business Center in busy Hindley street Adelaide. The new RocketReader office will be the focus of worldwide software development and the control centre for client support.

Speed Reading 5 Aug 2003 – RocketReader shortlisted for 2003 Secrets of Australian IT Innovation Competition ( in the eLearning category. Innovations in this competition must be world-class, sustainable and have global application.

2 Feb 2003 – New in Version 6.3 Learn to speed read while surfing the Net!

10 Nov 2002 RocketReader Version 6.0 released. Packed with new features suggested by our clients RocketReader Version 6.0 establishes RocketReader as world-class, advanced and effective reading-improvement software!

15 Sep 2002 – RocketReader announces its affiliate program. If you have a web site, you can earn a commission on every copy of RocketReader purchased by a visitor from your site!

10 Jan 2002 – RocketReader adds a “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

18 Nov 2001 – RocketReader adds a Flash presentation. For a complete roundup of the features and benefits of RocketReader sit back and watch the flash presentation.

20 Feb 2000 – RocketReader acquires the domain The purchase of this exclusive domain establishes RocketReader as the authority on speed reading on the Web.

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